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Workshops & Coaching

Jennifer presents workshops at many educational and storytelling conferences, including the National Storytelling Network Summit, Northlands Storytelling Network, Sharing the Fire, the Connecticut Storytelling Conference and Storytelling Festival, the Betty Week’s Storytelling Conference for Educators, and the Professional Development Alliance. 


People said:

"I just came out of Jen Munro's workshop on 'Creating Stories that Matter.'  Wow! What a skillful crafter and teller of tales, and what a gifted teacher she is.  I believe we all came away from he workshop feeling rich with stories we didn't know we had - and with new tools to help us tell them.  This was definitely a workshop that mattered.  Thanks!"     Joel ben Izzy

"The Storytelling workshops with Jennifer Munro were incredible. They included instruction, examples and many opportunities to test our wings. Some of the most instructive times were when Jennifer gave feedback on our presentations. I highly recommend taking part! "   Bonnie Solberg, Hartford Public Library

"Jennifer Munro's storytelling workshop is fun, challenging, and empowering. In the end, we're all storytellers, and Jen is just the person to help us realize it."   Kristina Warrenger, Derby Neck Library

"Jen is a very engaging and entertaining teacher. Her storytelling skills are remarkable. Jen does a brilliant job of breaking down her process, dissecting her own stories and pointing out her mannerisms, habits, voices (and the thoughts behind them) so that rather than merely being an amazing display it was really a learning experience. I was challenged by her and inspired by her all at once. I felt like the way she structured the workshop was intelligent and demanding without being unreasonably difficult or time consuming. My only complaint is that I wish there was more of it- I loved exploring my own capabilities as a story teller and watching my fellow librarians find their own voices so powerfully and would happily attend many more sessions."   Samantha Saliter, Co-Director of Children’s Services, Kent Memorial Library



In addition to the workshop selections listed below, Jennifer, using her extensive skills as a storyteller, performance artist, author, and educator, will create effective and engaging workshops to meet the needs of your unique audience. 

For Storytellers

Taking Humor Seriously

Humor is tricky and what makes things funny differs from person to person.  However, Jennifer, a master of the comic, will share some simple, but effective techniques that will bring humor to your stories and make them more compelling. 

Exploring the Storyteller’s Art

The storyteller’s art includes many skills: actor, mime, dancer, comedian, and musician.  For beginning storytellers, the task of mastering any or all of these skills can be intimidating.  However, in our daily lives, we often employ these very skills unconsciously.  The goal, therefore, is simply to employ our skills without becoming self-conscious in the process – and have fun while we’re doing it!

Creating Stories that Matter

Stories are the essence of what makes us human; creating meaningful stories based on our lived experience, however, is hard work.  The goal is to find those moments in our lives when we discovered something that changed who we are and how we view the world.  These lie at the heart of meaningful stories, whose narrative and emotional arcs bring the audience to a place of recognition, of connection. 


Jennifer knows stories – she knows how to use voice, body, facial expression, and timing to bring traditional and personal stories to life in the most effective way.  In a non-threatening and supportive way, she will work with you to develop and refine your skills.  She is also a gifted writer – if you are struggling to find the heart of your story, or need help transforming the details of your experience into a story with a satisfying narrative arc – Jennifer can help with this process.  With her wicked English sense of humor, she will help you craft moments in your story that will evoke smiles and laughter from your audience.  Peg O’Sullivan, former director of the Connecticut Storytelling Festival said of her work, “Jennifer Munro is Great Britain’s gift to the American story stage. Her stories are masterfully crafted, her characters clearly drawn, and her narrative peppered with humor. In fact, she is a master of humor (the unexpected). Beginning with serious subject matter, she slowly draws her audience along . . . until they are rolling in the aisle with laughter.  The audience loves Jennie’s humor, but they are also touched and enriched by the characters in Jennie’s stories.”


Workshops for Educators

Storytelling in the Classroom

Discover not only how to tell a story but why storytelling is an essential tool in classrooms today.  Using supportive, guided exercises, experience the pleasure and satisfaction of telling a good story.  Learn valuable strategies for extending stories into classroom activities that improve listening skills, promote self-confidence, and create community.

The Hero’s Journey

Following the hero’s journey in fairy, folk tale, myth, literature, and modern media, your students will discover important values that will serve them well in life.  Unlock the power of hero stories in your classroom and learn how Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces, can be used as a powerful tool to guide students through the turbulent world of the middle and high school years. 



Workshops for Students

Do Tell!

Playing with tongue twisters, story games, and poetry, students will discover not only the power of their own voices, but also the fine art of listening.   In small groups, they will collaborate to produce a fairy or folk tale to share with the class.  Self-confidence will grow, as will an understanding of what it means to be a good audience

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