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Aunty Lily

Here are two stories from Jennifer's book - "Aunty Lily"

Her signature piece - "Aunty Lily"


And - "A Real Friend"

And here are selected snippets:

A Christmas Story

A delightful chronical of one special Christmas in the lives of an ordinary working class family.

The first selection relates what happens when "Old Mr. Bennet" comes for dinner.

The next segment, describes a visit to a very special doctor.

All is Vanity

An original creation myth of sorts that came into being following a personal experience. It tells the story of the tradegy that can occur when vanity and lust for power collide.

Selection one introduces the wild woman, Lileth!

Our hero's commitment to Lileth is short lived when the woman to whom he is betrothed

 details her father's plans for Amahden's future.

The Fisher King

A poignant story about a group of teenagers who become so enamored with the legend of “Percival and the Fisher King” that their mission trip to Appalachia is magically transformed into a modern day quest, perhaps not quite as vast as the original but just as meaningful.






Fire in the Kitchen

Recently, I told "Sundays" in concert with that wonderful group, Low Lily. We interspersed the story and Low Lily's music, ending with this, my version of "What Was the Color".

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