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Winner of Storytelling World Award

Jennifer's first collection -  Aunty Lily and Other Delightfully Perverse Stories - contains moving tales of family, loss, love, and the trials of growing up in a scrappy working class neighborhood where kids play in the streets, fair play rules most of the time, and bullies are occasionally vanquished. 

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      Delightful book of stories!

            A heartfelt romp, life lived with gusto 

                  Top notch storytelling from the stage onto the page!

                       Absolutely lovely. Hilarious and thoughtful short stories!

                               To Be Savoured

                                     A Must Read!

                                         Great book!

Reviewed by Jo Radner in Storytelling Magazine:

"These beautifully-crafted stories manage to be at the same time literary and fluid and oral.  How brilliant the little darts and jabs of phrase, the children's wild glee, the family portraits of (as she puts it) “rogues, gossipers, and raconteurs”! These performance pieces are based on memoir, but as Munro wisely comments, “weaving the events together so that they form a satisfying narrative arc has been largely a matter of fabrication” – an insight she expands upon in an illuminating “Author’s Essay.”  No stories better demonstrate the intimate relationship between humor and deep feeling.  These are masterpieces."

Praise from Suzie WoodwardLark, Michigan:

"I loved the auntie story!  Loved the way she spoke . . ”through the eyes of a child”, and how true it is that beauty is indeed, in the eyes of the beholder and sooo much more than skin deep.  She and her auntie and her stories are true treasures."



. . at the Intersection of Myth and Reality

Relatives . . . and Their Body Parts


  1. All is Vanity

  2. The Fisher King

  1. Aunty Lily

  2. Great Granddad’s False Leg

  3. Sundays

  4. What Was The Color? By Stan Kelly

  1. The Birth of Herakles

  2. Home Delivery

  3. Earnest

  4. The Beginning

  5. Good night My Angel

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Jennifer Munro, 250 Old Toll Road, Madison, CT 06443
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