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Educator, Humorist

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What people have said about Jennifer

Bill Harley

"Jennifer is an exquisite storyteller. She has a rock-solid sense of story and a great command of the language. She takes her work very seriously - you can see and hear that in the care in her presentation. She has great breadth in her work - understanding the importance and essential nature of myth and folklore and a keen eye for what her own experiences have to say to others.” 

Dolores Hydock

Elegant, insightful, and wickedly funny, Jennifer leads us to love the characters in her stories not just in spite of, but because of their foibles and peculiarities. With language as brilliant and precise as a laser-cut diamond, Jennifer reminds us how wonderfully odd and oddly wonderful it is to be human!

Bil Lepp

“Everything [Jennifer] does is done with integrity, a great sensibility for the subject matter and the audience’s experiences of those matters, and is laced with sometimes subtle (her delivery of which I envy), and sometimes overt, but always, perfect humor.” 
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